Virtual Central Examination Office

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Using the Virtual Central Examination Office (VZPA) you can easily take care of many things online: You can view your grades, print out certificates, etc.  You can also register for and cancel your registration for exams, if allowed by your course of study.  



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You can use the VZPA functions through your CAMPUS Office-Account.

Under the menu option "Zentrales Prüfungsamt“, you can find the following options:

Registered Exams

After the end of the registration period, you can view your registration status through this subpoint.

You can see all the courses of study, in which you are enrolled. For each course of study, you can see all the exams, the examiners, semesters in which they occur, and the registration and examination dates. If information about the examiner or the date of examination are not available at the time of registration, these will not be shown. They are first visible once the ZPA has received the information from the institute. You can find more information on this under "Viewing and Recording Exam Registrations" on the Registration page.

Overview of Grades

Under this point you can view an overview of your grades for each enrolled course of study. Just select the desired course of study and you will get a list of all the qualifications and achievements you have acquired in that course of study. For each exam, the list contains the semester of the exam, the exam date, the grade, the endorsement/annotation, and the credits.


Here you can access a certificate of your academic and exam achievements. You can print the certificate out directly or download it to your computer as a pdf.

Exam Registration and Cancellation

If your course of study requires you to register for exams through the VZPA, you can register for your exams here. More information is available on the pages Registration and Cancellation.


Please note - VZPA functions are not available for the following courses of study:

  • Staatsexamen: medicine, dentistry, teacher training programs (Hauptstudium) - these are generally not supervised by the ZPA
  • Magister in Technical Communication
  • Diplom exams: architecture, civil engineering, industrial engineering with a civil engineering specialization

VZPA Functions FAQs

How do I register for an exam in the VZPA?

To register, click on  "Prüfungsan-/abmeldung“ in CAMPUS Office. Exams will only be availble for registration that are necessary your invidual studies.  Please note that registration is only possible starting with the first appointed day.  If your exam regulations call for automatic re-registration  [Sprungmarke zum entsprechenden Punkt], you do not need to register yourself.

If your exam regulations do not call for automatic re-registration, you will need to personally register in the ZPA.  More information is available under Registration.

When can I register for an exam in the VZPA?

Registration through the VZPA is only possible during certain times of the semester.  The registration deadlines will be listed on the Registration page.

How can I cancel my exam registration in the VZPA?

You can cancel your register under "Prüfungsan-/abmeldung“ in CAMPUS Office. You will receive a list of the exams for which you are registered and can pick out those, which you would like to cancel.  Click on "Abmelden“. You will then be asked one more time, if you really want to cancel your registration for the exam.  If you are positive, then confirm.  That was it! More information on cancellation can be found here.

Do I need to cancel or withdraw my registration for an exam? What is the difference?

You can cancel without submitting a reason for doing so.  In most cases this is possible an unlimited number of times per examination subject up to three business days before the exam.

If you cannot withdraw from an exam on time, you may be able to withdraw. You must provide the examination board with a valid reason. Valid reasons include illness, or the death of a close family member.

Please check in your exam regulations, to find out what regulations for cancellation or withdrawal apply to you.

Read your comprehensive exam regulation and course of study-specific exam regulation to find out which rules apply to you when cancelling or registering.

Your departmental advisor can also provide information about this.  General information on cancellation and withdrawal can be found under Cancellation.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration or cancellation through the VZPA?

If you personally register for an exam or cancel your registration through the VZPA, you will receive a signed email.  Please save this for your own certainty and reassurance.  If something goes wrong, you can submit it as proof of your registration or cancellation.


I don't see my registered exams. Why?

The ZPA enters all of the exam registrations together at certain times in the semester.  In the summer semester, it enters them in the exam administration system between the beginning and middle of June and in the winter semester between the beginning and middle of December.  Registered exams will not be visible before then.  More information can be found on the Registration page, under "Viewing and Recording Exam Registrations".

When do I need to register for an exam and how long do I have to cancel?

The deadlines for registering for exams in person and through the VZPA can be found on the page registration modalities

Your comprehensive exam regulation and course of study-specific exam regulation list, whether or not, how often, and until when you are allowed to cancel your registration for an exam.  You can also ask your departmental advisor.

General information can be found on the pages Registration and Cancellation.

There is a mistake in my "registered exams." What do I need to do? Is there a deadline for fixing this?

Please check your exam registrations around the middle of June and the middle of December. Unfortunately, the ZPA cannot answer any inquiries before then. The exact deadline for submitting any inquiries can be found on the page Checking Your Exam Registration.

If you realize there is a mistake, please contact your case worker in the ZPA. You can find an overview of our staff here. In order for us to help you as quickly as possible, bring a print out listing the registered exams.

Why aren't my grades listed in the VZPA yet?

You will only be able to view your grades in the VZPA after your examiners have entered them or forwarded them to the ZPA.

Many examiners first enter grades after students have viewed their graded exams or after the supplemental exam.  It is also possible, that your grades just have not been entered yet.  If you have any questions, contact your case worker.



What do I do if the wrong grades are listed in the ZPA?

If this occurs, please contact your examiner.  They can check whether they mistakenly entered the wrong grade or if a grade has to be improved after you have checked your graded exam.  Examiners can fix the incorrect grade through VZPA examiner function or write to your respective case worker, asking them to change it.

Is there a deadline, before which I need to notify the ZPA, that results have been incorrectly entered?

Please notify your examiner immediately that a grade has been incorrectly.

Whom do I contact, if I have a question about the achievements listed?

Please contact your case worker in the ZPA.  An overview can be found here.  If you come to the ZPA in person with your question, it is very helpful if you bring a print out of the listed performances.



Why do I have to confirm my exam registration or cancellation more than once?

This is to be sure, that you are aware of all the necessary information for each registration and cancellation.